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Monday, November 12, 2007

It finally snowed in Anchorage. Last year at this point I put my bike in the shed and only saw it twice for the next six months; I think this year will be much different. Everyone seems to have a plan for keeping it up at least a little bit through the winter, from Brian's ramp to torching the trails (how awesome would that be?!) and although we bike riders are notoriously bad at following through with plans, winter plans seem to have always worked out around here. There is going to be a contest at Joel's place sometime during the break, I'll post more when we get some details from Tupper and the crew up there. I may be in Florida while that happens but some of you should definitely go; I had two of my favourite weekends up there at Fairbanks comps last year, they are always a blast. Still chipping away at the video... if you're reading this, and you were supposed to send me footage, and you haven't yet, do it soon.

Monday, November 05, 2007

New Scrap Edit

Just a bunch more clips that probably won't end up in the video. David and I went riding today and filmed some rad stuff and some ridiculous things didn't quite get pulled.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

five classic sections

Since we're in full video mode around here I thought I'd take some time out to post some of my favourite sections from through the years. I've got another edit of scrap footage to post, that should be up sometime this weekend.

Van Homan Criminal Mischief
Not much to say about this. If you've been riding for a while I bet you remember the first time you ever saw this section.

Joe Cox Voices
I think it's amazing that nobody had ever heard of anyone in this video before it came out and now they're all in the limelight. Voices was just a little local video and they only pressed 500 copies, but it was so well done that it's influence still remains. It always bugged me that Joe Cox's section wasn't last. it's totally the best part and Marv's section isn't all that entertaining; nobody would have faulted him for putting his section last....

Lou Rajsich ./Blueprint
I found a bunch of copies of this at a bike shop recently and was delighted. Here was a guy that was doing something subtly different, made his mark and then totally disappeared. Apparently he just got bored with bmx... he does an opposite 180 backwards rail in a time when there was only a handful of guys who could do it regular.

Kris Bennet Demolition
Some of the best trail lines ever.

Steven Hamilton Can I Eat?
This was the section that made Steven Hamilton a household name. I was ove rin New Zealand when this came out and I asked a friend what would be a good purchase since I hadn't seen any bmx media in a while, his reply was "get the animal video, Steven Hamiltons section will make you dance"

Monday, October 29, 2007


PSYCHED that boston won the series.....

but yea i have 4 of the next 7 days off, hopefully i dont sleep it all away.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've been pretty bad at updating this thing lately, but I'm busy. I hate being busy.
Thought I'd post this awesome photo of Kink Aaron that Anou shot when they were down. I was planning on putting together a nice article with all the photos he sent, but the way things are going they may just end up in the dvd slideshow. Speaking of, I know some of you have great photos lying around, send them to me and I'll put them in there. Here's a good chance to talk about the video too; everything's looking great this far, I've got around 20 minutes of footage and people have started sending the rest of the footage in. Zac made a preview that will show at the Connected premiere on November 10th, and sometime towards the end of November I'll hopefully post an internet trailer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i have been working over nights if anyone is wondering if i am alive or not.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jaumell Campbell Macneil vid

this was good.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fairbanks dudes

Anou sent me a bunch of photos from their trip down here a while ago. It was really fun having those guys down here, I have to go through and find the best ones still, but here's a photo of me aboult to crash a walltap.

Riding is happenning in spurts these days, which is cool and every session feels like the last good day of the year it seems like. I know it's already snowed in Fairbanks and there was definitely snow falling at my house today. Steve K sent me a tape from Northern BC for the video, I'm pretty excited about that, he's awesome. Other than all that, we're slowly chipping away at the video and it's looking really nice (especially for a no bikes video, you can definitely tell we bought nice cameras).

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Video update

so me and aaron decided that we will both do our own edits for this project using the same footage. we also decided on a name.....FOUR CORNERS. and i finished the teaser for the connected premier.

Friday, October 05, 2007

one more quick note

Turnagain Hardcore 7 is premiering tonight at Wendy Williamson Auditorium on campus. David has a section in the video and I put together a trailer for our video that will be in before the late show at 9:00; it's pretty nice and I put tons of backflips in it to cater to the mx/snowmachining crowd. Seriously though if you're in Anchorage you shoulld come out and see this, Dane and those guys are really crazy and anyone that can flip a snowmachine gets my respect.


While I was in an updating mood, I decided to catch up with Desson a bit too.

what have you been up to lately?

I've been working at a machine shop and riding bikes, hanging out with the girl friend and camping.

how was your summer?

Summer was awesome. super nice. Hot. Lots of good times.

this was your first year of pro contests? any good results to speak of?

Yeah, It was cool, The only one I did good at was street justice. I got 7the so I was pumped. way better then fifth from last in toronto

does it feel weird sitting on the deck with super pros?

I haven't really sat on the deck with any super pros. I only rode the wedges at toronto while the super pros snaked each other on the big ramps

what's your best road trip story from this year?

First night in edmonton for street justice Roman, Jason lange, Shiloh, Matt walser, and a few other guys went out to the bar to get wicked. It was my first time going legally to a bar so I had high hopes for the night. We left the first bar because romans ex was there. We parked far away because it was the only spot we could find. While we were walking to the truck I guess someone got stabbed by a pony tailed bandit. The 7 of us got into the truck. 5 in the seats and 2 in the back under a blanket. We were driving down back roads because of the extra people. We drove by some cops on bikes not thinking anything of it but they radioed in that they saw a black truck just like what the pony tailed bandit took off it. Well minutes later we were on the main road, cop did a u-turn behind us so homie that was driving took a quick right town down another road then another into the ally. Cop kept fallowing so we stopped. He went over the mega phone and told the driver to step out. While he was saying this 4 more cops rolled up and the chopper was on us. While the dude who was driving was explaining the story to the cops about to many people 2 cops came up to the trucked and looked at all of us to make sure none of us had sported pony tails that night. They didn't even care about the extra people. So we got off scot free and continued to have a fantastic night.

Another Tailwhipper

I first got to know Ryan Hiebert a little bit around the time that Romance came out, but didn't really meet him until I went back to Kelowna this summer. He seems like a pretty nice guy, and on the recommendation of Desson and Ridgeway we've added him to the lineup. Ryan is originally from Osooyoos and now lives in Burnaby and goes to BCIT, look forward to a bit of footage from him in the next dvd.

name age and where you're from:

My name is Ryan Hiebert and I'm 18 year old from Osoyoos, BC

how has the move to burnaby been? why did you move there?

It's been alright. I moved into a place before I had a chance to look at it in person and it was a big mistake. Its crazy living here. Its weird moving away from all your friends that you grew up riding with to only knowing a handful of people that live down here. I moved here to go to take a machinist program at B.C.I.T.

who are your favourite people to ride with?

My favourite people to ride with would have to be my friends from Osoyoos and definitely the BK guys.

what kind of riding and tricks are you into?

I really like riding skateparks. The new Penticton park is amazing and was just under an hour from my house so I rode that a bunch. My local park back home was small but I really liked it there to. Lately I've been riding alot of street though and I'm really enjoying it. As for tricks I'd say I do alot of tailwhips and barspins but I'd like to be able to do turndowns but I just can't seem to figure them out....someday.

you went on a trip or two this summer right? any good stories from those?

I have so many good stories from the trips from this past year. My favourites would be going to nelson in the winter time with Desson, Richard, and Mark and having Mark's car breakdown and all of us piling in to Desson's old 2 door Shadow to get home. Going to whistler this summer was awesome to. The whole trip was an adventure. From sleeping in the Squamish bowl to having Zac's truck break down in the middle of the Coquihalla at 2 in the morning.

you picked up a video camera this summer, how's that been going?

Slow, haha. I've been figuring it out and having fun doing it but its definitely more complicated than I originally thought.

lastly, what do you expect from being on no bikes this year?

I think that it will be a good time to meet some new friends, ride some new places, and have a good time doing it.